For a girl with special needs or challenges, 
hearing that she is being crowned Princess of Hope, 
is truly a moment that she will never ...FORGET!
Our young ladies will participate in the inspiring workshops and other events throughout the year that will help build self-esteem and confidence which empowers them to dream big and remind them that anything is possible.  We encourage our young ladies to not let their disability hinder their goals in life.  They will continue their journey with us at the Pageant of Hope, where they will learn the true meaning of a Princess and take away the core tools for being successful in life.  Princess' who attend both workshops will be considered for the Hope Awards, which will be  presented at the Pageant of Hope.  Candidates will be judged randomly at the workshops based on personal growth.

The Awards Presented are as follows:

Courage Award- This candidate makes a commitment to herself to move past her disability to accomplish a goal, she felt was truly not possible.

Mentor Award- The candidate receiving this award see's, 'others' in her mirror.  She sets herself aside to go above and beyond to ensure that others are touching their dreams.

Spirit Award- You will not see this spirited Princess without a smile!  Her laughter is contagious, her smile radiates true beauty and her peers feel empowered in her presence.

The Princess' will compete in the following categories:

An Interview- panel of compassionate judges will encourage the participants to talk to them about her passions and journey in life.   Each judges has a goal to learn about the girls and to help bring out their true personality.

Casual Wear- The participants will present a casual wear outfit that tells their story.  Whether is be their favorite outfit or a creative costume, we encourage our participants to wear something that brings out their personality and makes them smile.

Formal Wear- The participants will walk the runway in a full length gown of her choice.  The judging panel will be looking at a participant who carriers themselves with confidence, poise and grace.

On Stage Question- Each participant will be given a short question prior to the Pageant at the final workshop. The questions will be the same for each age category, however, each age category has a different question.  

As a participant, you will leave being crowned Princess of Hope receiving their own crown, a custom sash, and a gift bag filled with special surprises.  However, most of all she will leave as a True Princess. 

The following awards will also be presented at The Pageant of Hope:

Photogenic Award- The photo sent in with your application will be judged at the Pageant by the Judging panel.

Casual Wear Award- The Judging panel will be looking at who expressed their personality and interests best in their casual wear outfit.

Formal Wear Award-  The Judging panel will be looking at who carries herself in her gown radiating the true beauty within her.

Hope Scholarship Awards- A Hope Scholarship Award will be presented to all Princesses.

We will host two complimentary workshops for you, prior to the Pageant to inspire you to reach your goals, to instill the core tools in life and to prepare you for this special day. Our HOPE is to give you the confidence to challenge your abilities, the ambition to dream big and the courage to hold your head high that day and everyday for the rest of your life.
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Volunteer Information
Hanna with our 2017 Pageant Escorts
Meet our Emcee!
Karla Blomberg is the President of Wishes & More.  An organization that grants wishes to kids with terminal and life-threatening conditions, provides a Scholarship of Hope to the wish recipients, and provides memorial funds to the family of children who pass away without receiving a wish.  
Karla is most proud of her family.  Karla and her husband are the proud parents of three children and two grandchildren.  
What Karla would like to accomplish in the future, is to remain active and involved for a very long time with people who do worthwhile and compassionate things for others.  
Lynn & Lisa- Co Founders
Hanna- Inspiration for the Pageant of Hope Est. 2009