Hanna was awarded Allina's Rehabilitation Patient of The Year on
 September 19th, 2012.  Here is a link to view her story.  

​2012 Aquatennial Commodore's Award Recipient

Hanna is the first crowned 
2009-2010 Minnesota Junior Miss You Can Do It  
titleholder along with being awarded with the 
2009-2010 Minnesota Miss You Can Do It Photogenic Award.
2009-2010 National Junior Miss You Can Do It- 1st Runner Up
2009-2010 National Junior Miss You Can Do It- 1st Place Casual Outfit

DeterminationMotivation and Positive Attitude
catapulted Hanna to hold her head high, talk clear and  smile bigger
 than she ever had done before.   Hanna reflects on 
her 'smile' as a way of showing her love for her family.  
Hanna is a person who smiles literally every waking moment
 and never shows self-pity.  Hanna embraces life, 
and rarely shows her challenged side.  Hanna has shown all who 
know her that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to do.  

Born eight weeks premature, Lisa and Tom Maslowski 
selected Hanna to adopt as their first little girl, 
while knowing her challenges prior to adopting Hanna. 
 Lisa, Tom, Brock (her adopted younger brother) 
and Hanna were meant to be one.  They believe 
that children are not parents possessions, however 'Gifts from God'.
 Hanna had endured several complications prior to being born
which ultimately stricken her with Cerebral Palsy.  
Her road has not been easy as she has had many 
life threatening bouts and many surgeries in her young little life.
You wouldn't know it, when you speak to Hanna as 
the glass is always half full.  Hanna has touched
 the hearts of everyone who has come in contact with her 
literally from birth.  Her strength, beauty and grace shine brightly
 both inside and out.  The crown Hanna reigns means 
more than just beauty......it confirms the 
'You Can Do It' attitude that she strives for everyday.

'Hanna's Hope' is more than just a crown 
she proudly wears to bed, the grocery store and to school.  
It is a voice behind the crown pouring out hope 
to help break down the barriers that exist for children and adults
 with special needs.  Hanna loves to speak and
isn't afraid of taking charge of a room from her wheelchair.  
Her vision of hope will be to someday  
walk into a room and continue to inspire those she touches.
Through her journey, she will continue to remind others and prove
you can do anything you put your mind to
with determinationmotivation and a positive attitude.

Hanna has always inspired those around her and volunteers her
time with the  'Wishes and More Foundation' and loves
to bring smiles to the many events she has attended.
Hanna has never been a recipient of the organization, 
just a little girl wheeling around
as their VIP volunteer who loves helping others and making people
Hanna would like to thank you all for joining her journey!