Pageant of Hope was proud to have crowned
all 50 of our Princess' with theĀ 
2017 Princess of Hope Award
2017 Little Miss Hope Award
Olivia Reich

2017 Junior Miss Hope Award
Chloe Museus

2017 Teen Miss Hope Award
Samantha Langevin

2017 Miss Hope Award
Leah Hutar

2017 Ms. Hope Award
Ally Frischmon

2017 Spirit Award
Lacie Evans

2017 Courage Award
Ayrissen Meyer

2017 Mentor Award
Ali Wandersee

2017 Most Photogenic Award
Kaili Quevedo

2017 Most Ambitious Award
Jade Kilburg

2017 Best Formal Gown
Elizabeth Esdohr

2017 Best Casual Wear
Ally McMullan