Pageant of Hope
Princess Photos & Bios

Alice Fleischhacker
Age 8 – Roseville, MN
#1 Little Miss

Alice's talent is Pro Boxer on Wii. She loves indoor recess and eating spaghetti at Damico's.

Princess Partners:
Jim and Trish Fleischhacker

Zoe Hostad
Age 8 – Blaine, MN
#2 Little Miss

Zoe is good at figuring out technology. She enjoys swimming and pizza.

Princess Partners:
Village Bank, Simeon Glasgow and Friends and Family of Zoe

Hailey Bertram
Age 8 – Blaine, MN
#3 Little Miss

Hailey's talent is getting her way, being stubborn, persistent and charming. She enjoys biking with her dad and dog Riley. She likes to eat McDonalds.

Princess Partners:
Jay and Anita Krisnik and Anne Krisnik

Olivia Reich
Age 8 – Coon Rapids, MN
#4 Little Miss

Olivia is super flexible. She likes to swim all day at the lake. Olivia enjoys McDonald's french fries.

Princess Partners:
iComp Payroll - Robert Scalia

Zuleyka Aragon-Flores
Age 6 – Forest Lake, MN
#5 Little Miss

Zuleyka can climb big slides really quick. She enjoys going to the park, swinging, climbing and sliding. Zuleyka likes to eat chips, pretzels, taco meat and cheese.

Princess Partners:
Forest Lake Lions Club

Scarlett Lang
Age 11 – East Bethel, MN
#8 Junior Miss

Scarlett is really good at remembering memories. She loves jumping on the trampoline and riding horses. Her favorite food is Olive Garden.

Princess Partners:
Beth Harris, Amy and Joe Lang, Paula and Tim Lang, Jennifer and Justin Lang, Horizon Roofing Inc. - Kurt Scepaniak, Lametti and Sons Inc., Lisa Navin, The Jay Family, Sandy Navin and Kevin Navin

Kaili Quevedo
Age 9 – Chanhassen, MN
#13 Junior Miss

Kaili's hidden talent is make-up artistry. Her favorite outdoor activity is playing house in the trees with her friends. Cheeseburgers at Lucille's is Kaili's favorite food.

Princess Partners:
Class C Components - Jill Zoschke-Luckraft, MN Center for Therapeutic Massage - Michelle Quexedo Nordin, Soul-Art - Carolyn Nordin, Dan and Jan Nordin and David Benowitz - Craft and Crew Hospitality

Kayla Paulson
Age 11 – Becker, MN
#15 Junior Miss

Kayla's hiddent talent is making people laugh. She loves playing basketball with her sister and eating at Benihana.

Princess Partners:
Menasha Corporation, Lenny and Karen Kottke, Rachel Kottke, Dan and Vicki Paulson and TCF Foundation

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Brooke Coplan
Age 8 – Coon Rapids, MN 
#6 Little Miss

Brooke can swing all by herself. She also enjoys swimming and eating pasta at Olive Garden. 

Princess Partners:
Captivating Beauty - Julie Viere and QC Dance - Barb Stanley

Chloe Museus
Age 10 – Cambridge, MN
#7 Junior Miss

Chloe is good at singing and at remembering words to songs. She enjoys swinging and eating at Culvers. 

Princess Partners:
Teachers Choice Child Care - Trent and Emily Museus and Lon and Tamera Schmidt

Camdyn Reisner
Age 10 – Dubuque, IA
#9 Junior Miss

Camdyn is a master at Snapchat. She loves riding her bike and eating spaghetti and meatballs.

Princess Partners:
USA Inflatables - Kurt and Shanon Wresh, Gary and Karen Kremer and Nemmers Realty Inc. - Steve Nemmers

Katie Warren
Age 11 – Ham Lake, MN
#10 Junior Miss

Katie's talent is coloring. She enjoys playing on the playground, swings and playing in the dirt. Katie loves to eat chicken and waffle fries.

Princess Partner:
Trott Brook Financial - Jim Stephen

Madeline Lavalier
Age 9 – Cottage Grove, MN
#11 Junior Miss

Maddy is good at hip hop dancing. She loves going on the boat and eating chinese food.

Princess Partners:
Tom's Pumpkin Patch - Tom and Teresa Rongitsch, South St. Paul Jaycees and Premier Designs - Miranda Kiwelu

Marissa Solum
Age 10 – Blaine, MN
#12 Junior Miss

Marissa is really good at playing Uno. She enjoys golf and anywhere that serves mac & cheese or fried rice. 

Princess Partner:
TAK Communications Inc.

Lacie Evans
Age 10 – Zumbrota, MN
#14 Junior Miss

Lacie's talent is singing. She loves to ride her bike and eat Pizza Luce.

Princess Partner:
Albertville Lions Club

Makayla Merdan
 Age 11 – Bloomington, MN
#16 Junior Miss

Makayla is able to put both feet behind her head. She loves swimming, mac & cheese and Rainforest Café.

Princess Partner:
Social Boom LLC - Ryan Kulka

Orianna Durm
Age 9 – Duluth, MN
#17 Junior Miss

Orianna enjoys singing and dancing and playing with her best friend. She enjoys eating at Grandma's Restaurant in Duluth. 

Princess Partner:
Don Hegedus

Justice Rickenbach
Age 13 – Blaine, MN
#18 Teen Miss

Justice enjoys horseback riding, riding her bike and eating at Ricky's Embers. 

Princess Partners:
Duevel Concepts - Tim Duevel, Centershot Ministries, Ricky's Embers - Joe Rickenbach, Joseph and Noreen Rickenbach, John and Kristi Rickenbach and Terry and Leeann Schuveiller

Grace Theis
Age 12 – Shakopee, MN
#19 Teen Miss

Grace's hidden talent is dancing (even though it's not so hidden). Her favorite outdoor activity is walking the dogs. Grace enjoys pizza and chili as well as eating at Applebee's.

Princess Partner:
Majestic Gardens

Cassie Winkelmann
Age 13 – Champlin, MN
#20 Teen Miss

Cassie is good at horseback riding. She enjoys bocce ball, swimming, soccer, bean bags and eating at Red Robin.

Princess Partners:
Blaine's Blazin' 4th Inc. - Linda Brausen and John Marinan, Mike and Patty Krieger and Netrix IT - Patty Krieger

Samantha Langevin
Age 14 – Jordan, MN
#21 Teen Miss

Sammy's talent is cheerleading. She enjoys going to parks and beaches. Her favorite food is chicken tenders.

Princess Partners:
Family of Samantha

Emma Bennett
Age 13 – Albertville, MN
#22 Teen Miss

Emma is really good at her iPad. She likes to play frisbee and eat mac & cheese and noodles.

Princess Partners:
Mains'l Services and Neil and Lisa Meyer

Ayrissen Meyer
 Age 12 – New York Mills, MN
#23 Teen Miss

Ayrissen's giggle can brighten anyone's day. She enjoys picking up flags. She loves Dave & Buster's and french fries.

Princess Partners:
Pat Meyer, Sue Capille, Kim and Chad Flatau, Sonia Filoon, Arvig Enterprises and Kelly and Jeremy Flatau

Cyan Steinbrecher
Age 12 – Milaca, MN
#24 Teen Miss

Cyan is talented on the monkey bars. She loves horsebacking and hunting and eating mexican tacos.

Princess Partner:
Santiago Lions Club

Hope Knutson
Age 17 – Lonsdale, MN
#25 Miss

Hope's talent is modeling things out of clay. She enjoys eating Green Mill and Babes. Hope likes to ride her bike and go on walks.

Princess Partners:
Columbia River Knife and Tool - Rod and Peggy Bremer

Paige Slininger
Age 15 – Andover, MN
#26 Miss

Paige can lick her elbow. She loves to play bocce ball and go camping. Her favorite food is Smokey's-she loves BBQ.

Princess Partner:
Tom and Jan Schwartz

Camerynn Peterson
Age 17 – Waite Park, MN
#27 Miss

Camerynn's talent is singing. She loves ghost stories at bonfires and eating Red Lobster. 

Princess Partners:
Family of Camerynn Peterson
Steve's Heating and Air - Steve and Sherry Peterson

Samantha Snyder
 Age 17 – Coon Rapids, MN
#28 Miss

Sammy is good at singing and dancing. She enjoys camping, swimming and walking her dog. Her favorite food is chinese.

Princess Partners:
AMEC - David Jensen
A-Stat Medical Billing - DeAnn Monti

Amelia Budesky 
Age 17 – Monticello, MN
#29 Miss

Amelia's talent is making people happy by giving hugs. She loves laying in the sun and swimming. Her favorite food is pasta at Olive Garden.

Princess Partners:
The Demery Family - Tim Demery

Leah Hutar
Age 16 – Wyoming, MN
#30 Miss.

Leah is a good dancer. She enjoys playing on the playground and swimming. Leah's favorite food is tacos at Acapulco.

Princess Partner:
Mate Precision Tooling

Colleen Duffy
Age 15 – Columbia Heights, MN
#31 Miss

Colleen loves to swing on her backyard swingset. Her favorite food is ketchup, ketchup, ketchup. Swimming is Colleen's hidden talent.

Princess Partners:
Mike and Katie Castro

Josie Marshall
Age 15 – Ham Lake, MN
#32 Miss

Josie is really good at whistling. She loves to swim in her pool and eat chicken fingers, fries, tacos, lasagna and Olive Garden.

Princess Partner:
Midwest Disability - Thomas Klint

Ally McMullan
Age 22 – Lino Lakes, MN
#33 Ms.

Ally bowls an average of 250 on Wii Bowling. She enjoys playing golf and eating LeAnn Chins because they have gluten free food.

Princess Partner:
The McMullan Family

Elizabeth Esdohr
Age 19 – St. Ansgar, MN
#36 Ms.

Elizabeth is talented at crocheting. She enjoys camping with a bonfire. Elizabeth loves eating popcorn shrimp and Applebee's. 

Princess Partners:
Family Pest Control - Michael Esdohr, Michael and Brenda Esdohr, St. Ansgar Chiropractic, LR Falk Construction - Lindsey Falk, Scent From Heaven, Patrick J. Rourick Law Office, Home Sweet Home, Sue Shires, Linda and Mark O'Leary, Tami Nepple, Steve, Pam, Paige and Sawyer Smith, Milkhouse Candles - Eric and Janet Sparrow, Dean Onken - Farner Bocken Company and Amber and Cory Sporrer

Ally Frischmon
Age 18 – Ham Lake, MN 
#34 Ms.

Ally is a good singer. She enjoys bocce ball and swimming. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets and fries.

Princess Partner:
Jeff Meister - DSTI

Stephanie Sobetski
Age 23 – Lino Lakes, MN
#35 Ms.

Stephanie is good at saying prayers. She likes walking basketball and Applebee's.

Princess Partners:
Tony and Bev Krall

Jade Kilburg
Age 20 – LaMotte, IA
#37 Ms.

Jade's favorite outdoor activity is riding her bike. Her hidden talent is keeping her talent hidden. The flavor of ice cream that best describes her personality is Funfetti, because everyone loves to have fun!

Princess Partner:
Huss Implement - Austin Huss

Megan Zambory
Age 22 – Coon Rapids, MN
#38 Ms.

Megan's talent is art. She enjoys swimming and eating italian food. 

Princess Partners:
AMEC - David Jensen
A-Stat Medical Billing - DeAnn Monti

Maren Roberge
Age 20 – Fridley, MN
#39 Ms.

Maren can touch her nose with her tongue and can make people happy. She enjoys going for walks and visiting the neighbors. She likes to eat Chili's, pizza and chicken tenders. 

Princess Partners:
Commercial Flooring Services, Fridley Lions Club - Dan Wiborg, Spring Lake Park Lions Club, Dakota Supply Group, Bryce and Amy Staudinger and In Memory of Kathleen Brekke

Sarah Lewis
Age 22 – Ham Lake, MN
#40 Ms.

Sarah can hear a song once and know all the lyrics. She enjoys going on a boat and swinging. Sarah loves to eat Pizza Hut.

Princess Partner:
Lewis Family and Friends

Julia Hendrickson
Age 21 – Blaine, MN
#41 Ms.

Julia is really good with animals, some people call her the "cat whisperer." She likes playing flag football and eating crab at Red Lobster.

Princess Partners:
Amazing Alterations - Brenda Brinkman Smith
Brent and Catherine Hendrickson

Meagan Plath
Age 19 – Cottage Grove, MN
#42 Ms.

Meagan can make people laugh easily. She loves horseback riding and eating chicken nuggets and french fries.

Princess Partner:
Onyx Salon - Nicole Nelson

Anna Monkelien
Age 24 – Blaine, MN
#43 Ms.

Anna is good at caring for her nephew and doing her chores perfectly and fast. She enjoys swimming and hanging around. Anna's favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs.

Princess Partner:
Anna Monkelien and Family

Ali Wandersee
Age 18 – Big Lake, MN
#44 Ms.

Ali's talent is sewing. She likes to horseback ride and eating Olive Garden.

Princess Partners:
Knights of Columbus - Becker/Big Lake

Janna Eliason
Age 23 – Shoreview, MN
#45 Ms.

Janna has a really good memory on maps. She enjoys sliding outside and eating Red Robin.  

Princess Partners:
Marv and Nancy Karth
Cheryl and Jeff Eliason - Motion Mechanisms