A BIG thank you to ALL of our 2017 Donors, Sponsors, &  Volunteers!
We wouldn't be able to do what we do for the girls without the help from ALL of you!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Please scroll down to see our sponsors & volunteers.
Brittany Larsen
Deanna Larsen
Lauren Larsen
Michaela Larsen

Audio and Video
Allied Productions and Sales

Brittany Larsen
Deanna Larsen
Joe Thomas
Lauren Larsen
Michaela Larsen

Backstage Directors
Bill Gross
Will Gunderson

Coat Check
Anna Varsoke
Bridget Broda
Madi Stace
Taylor Norberg

Disney Princesses
Lexi Rognstad
Natalie Nelson
True Alperin

DVD Videographer
Teal Photography
Tom and Melissa Cash

Jake Sundberg
Jesse Thomas
Neil Grosse
Nick Hafften

Floral Arrangements
Pageant of Hope Board Members

Hair and Makeup
Amanda Dewey
Apryl Riebe 
Charlotte Grivna
Heidi Clark
Jae Rosengren 
Katie Kuechle 
Mandy Meisner
Nicole Nelson
Olivia Rosengren 
Stephanie Rodrigue
Tanya McCall
Teri Eskrui

Hope Buddies
Amy Perkins
Ashley Rice
Brittany Lahr
Brooke Thoennes
Caitlyn Ortega
Connie Zeller
Diana Castellanos
Dilyara Matus
Ellie Brimeyer
Gabrielle Rooney
Hannah Carlson
Isabelle Oien
Jacquelyn Bergman
Jenny Hoeben
Jess Jacklitch
Kaitlyn Givens
Kaitlyn Luedtke
Kaitlyn Martens
Karen Ross-Brown
Katie Ousky
Kelli Richardson
Kelly Worthington
Kelsey Sundberg
Kelsie Hagelin
Lindsy LaBeaux
Maddy Kirchen
Madison Roelike
MaryEllen Wies
Megan Nelson
Melissa Lindstrom
Michelle Hansen
Mikayla Nelson
Natalie Toft
Olivia Rooney
Rachel Saarela
Riley Fournier
Samantha Harmston
Sami Klapperick
Sandy Janowiec
Sara Kruger
Sarah Farrier
Sarah Hakel
Sarah Leathers
Shannah McCauley
Shannon Mohs
Sheila Unzen
Shelby Swanson
Sierra Dooley
Stella Luikart
Tammy Aydt
Taren Sandeen
Victoria Harmann

Ciarra Banack
Kylie Banack
Laurie Solle
Vicki Burns

Posters – Katie Grosse

Program – Ciarra Banack

Raffle Wall
Anthony Banack
Duane Banack
Sydnie Goltz
Will Gunderson

Janet Norenberg
Mandi Thomas
Nikki Gorham
Ruth Brown
Steph Myslajek

Amelia Hentges
Amy Huset
Anita Toft
Emily Loegering
Emily Thompson
Janet Norenberg
Judy Mortenson
Kari Cameron
Kim Cloutier
Kylee Cassidy
Maxx Kruse
Michael Phillips
Nomar Humber
Ruth Brown
Sonya Wies – Lead
Theresa Willson

Set-Up Crew
Pageant of Hope Board Members – Family and Friends

Slide Show Production 
Shantell Gunderson

Special Guests
2017 Minneapolis Aquatennial Royalty
Cassie Theilen - Princess
Gary Schaak - Vice Commodore
Jim Ganger - Captain
Kassandra Scherping - Princess

Staff Nurse 
Kelsey Sundberg, RN

Savvi Formalwear Maple Grove – Donation of all Board Members and Escort Tuxedos
2017 Donors & Sponsors

Albertville Lions Club
Amazing Alterations - Brenda Brinkman Smith 
Amber and Cory Sporrer
AMEC - David Jensen 
Amy and Joe Lang
Ann Roberge
Anna Monkelien and Family
Anna Tucker
Anne Krisnik
Arvig Enterprises 
A-Stat Medical Billing - DeAnn Monti
Beth Harris
Betty and Steve Gunderson
Bev and Tony Krall
Bonnie and Leonard Juran
Bose Corporation – Jane Johnson
Brent and Catherine Hendrickson
Bruce & Angela VanDeWalker
Bryce and Amy Staudinger 
Captivating Beauty - Julie Viere 
Cheryl and Jeff Eliason - Motion Mechanisms
Chris and Amy Nord
Class C Components - Jill Zoschke-Luckraft
Coach Store Albertville – Sara Kuhn
Commercial Flooring Services
Dakota Supply Group
Dan and Jan Nordin 
Dan and Vicki Paulson 
Darin May
Dave and Joy Baker
David Benowitz - Craft and Crew Hospitality
Dean Onken - Farner Bocken Company 
Don Hegedus
Dr. Mark Gormley
Duevel Concepts - Tim Duevel
Family of Samantha
Family Pest Control - Michael Esdohr
Forest Lake Lions Club
Fridley Lions Club - Dan Wiborg
Friends and Family of Zoe
Gary and Karen Kremer 
George Eck
Greg Cottrell and Mary Dunn
Home Sweet Home 
Horizon Roofing Inc. - Kurt Scepaniak
Huss Implement - Austin Huss
Icomp Payroll - Robert Scalia
In Memory of Kathleen Brekke
In Memory of Sue Martin
Janet Knealing
Jay and Anita Krisnik 
Jean and Ken VanDerZee
Jeff and Alison Kusch
Jeff and Julie Sears
Jeff Meister - DSTI
Jennifer and Justin Lang
Jensine Hoeben
Jessica Jacklitch
Jim and Trish Fleischhacker
Joan Gerr
John and Kristi Rickenbach 
Joseph and Noreen Rickenbach
Julie Marie Chavez Corporation
Julie Spyksma
Karen Hoke
Kathleen Ivory
Kelly and Jeremy Flatau
Ken Haffton
Kevin Navin
Kim and Chad Flatau
Kim Bennett Agency – American Family Insurance
Kimberly Baker
Knights of Columbus - Becker/Big Lake
KPMG Community Giving
Lametti and Sons Inc.
Leah Stock
Lenny and Karen Kottke
Lewis Family and Friends
Linda and Mark O'Leary
Lisa Navin
Lon and Tamera Schmidt
LR Falk Construction - Lindsey Falk
Luanne Frankenberg
Maaco Collision Repair – Burnsville 
MAC Cosmetics – Rosedale
Mains'l Services 
Majestic Gardens
Marv and Nancy Karth 
Mary and Duane Halverson
Mate Precision Tooling
McKesson Foundation – Carrie Pitts
Michael and Brenda Esdohr
Michael and Sandy Janowiec
Midwest Disability - Thomas Klint
Mike and Patty Krieger 
Milkhouse Candles - Eric and Janet Sparrow
Minnesota Twins Organization
Minnesota Viking Organization – Tami Krause
MN Center for Therapeutic Massage - Michelle Quexedo Nordin
Neil and Lisa Meyer
Nemmers Realty Inc. - Steve Nemmers
Netrix IT - Patty Krieger
Nick Hafften
Pat Meyer
Patrick J. Rourick Law Office 
Paul and Donna Zastera
Paula and Tim Lang
Premier Designs - Miranda Kiwelu
Prudential Retirement – Teri Ehlinger
QC Dance - Barb Stanley
Rachel Kottke
Rick & Jodi’s River Inn – Jodi Tappe
Rick and Carolyn Nordstrom
Ricky's Embers - Joe Rickenbach
River Inn – Jodi Tappe
Round Lake Dental
Sam and Joan Iaquinto
Sandy Navin 
Santiago Lions Club
Sara Rohde
Sarah Leathers
Scent from Heaven 
Senior Options Incorporated
Simeon Glasgow
Social Boom LLC - Ryan Kulka
Sonia Filoon
Soul-Art - Carolyn Nordin
South St. Paul Jaycees 
Spring Lake Park Lions Club
St. Ansgar Chiropractic
Stephanie Chapin
Steve, Pam, Paige and Sawyer Smith
Steve's Heating and Air - Steve and Sherry Peterson
Sue Capille
Sue Shires
TAK Communications Inc.
Tami Nepple
Tara and Ben Winchester
TCF Foundation
Teachers Choice Child Care - Trent and Emily Museus 
Tennis Sanitation LLC
Terry and Leeann Schuveiller
The Demery Family - Tim Demery
The Jay Family
The McMullan Family
Theresa Valento
Tiffany Nelson
Tom's Pumpkin Patch - Tom and Teresa Rongitsch
Tony and Bev Krall
Toro Giving Program
Trott Brook Financial - Jim Stephen
USA Inflatables - Kurt and Shanon Wresh
Village Bank

Hope Honorees
$1000 or more donation to the Pageant of Hope
Menasha Corporation
Blaines Blazin 4th Incorporated – John Marinen/Linda Brausen
Columbia River Knife and Tool – Rod and Peggy Bremer
Tom and Jan Schwartz
Family of Camerynn Peterson
Mike and Katie Castro
Gregory and Lissa Walter
Edinburgh USA Pro Am – Jeff Kusch
Twisted Koncepts Car Club – Rusty Townsend
Allina Health – Courage Kenny Kids
Onyx Salon and Spa – Nicole Nelson
Austin Mutual Insurance – Jeff Kusch
Counselor Realty – Danella Swanson-Ness
Tom Teresi
Allied Productions
Rick Roberge

2017 Pageant Volunteers
Click the link below for information on donating to the Pageant of Hope.