How You Can Help

A “Princess Partner” is an organization, corporation, small business, individual or group of people who want to sponsor a Pageant of Hope Princess financially to help the princess with their registration, event and specialty items for the Pageant itself and the events surrounding the Pageant. We are asking all of our Princesses to seek a Princess Partner as they will receive many amazing opportunities and amenities for the different levels of sponsorships.


What will the 2022 Princesses receive for a Sponsorship of:


$300 includes:

  • Vera Bradley Blanket

  • Vera Bradley Tote Bag with personalized tag

  • Themed station gifts

  • Exclusive POH T-Shirt

  • Vera Bradley pen & journal set

  • Scholarship gifts for Princess

  • Pageant Opening Number Shirt

  • Hope Buddy for the day w/hair & make-up

  • Pageant with Dinner for Princess

  • 1 Workshop w/Buffet lunch for Princess & One Guest


$500 includes:

  • All of the above, PLUS....

  • Latest style of the year’s Pageant of Hope Spirit wear

  • Pageant Video on Flash Drive

  • Pageant of Hope Window Cling


$750 includes:

  • All of the above, PLUS....

  • Disk of professional portraits of Princess (a minimum of 1 for each of her three dress changes)

  • $50 Hope Dollar Certificate

  • 2- Adult Dinner & Pageant Ticket

$1000 includes:

  • All of the above, PLUS....

  • 50- 4x6 Custom made Princess line cards to hand out

  • Personalized Bose Soundlink Waterproof bluetooth speaker

$1500 includes:

  • All of the above, PLUS...

  • V.I.P. Seating for the Pageant (choose between runway, stage, or judges locations)

  • 2- Additional Adult Dinner and Pageant Tickets

  • 20 Raffle Tickets

  • Customized POH Hammock Chair


$2500 includes:

  • All of the above, PLUS...

  • Custom princess themed Pandora Bracelet

  • 2- Additional Adult Dinner and Pageant Tickets

  • 18x24 Mounted Canvas Print of Princess

  • 10 Karat Gold Name Necklace 

  • 1- Custom YETI cup

  • 40 Raffle Tickets

What will the “Princess Partner” receive for a Sponsorship:
+ Princess Partner will have the ability to use their sponsorship as a
tax deductible donation as the Pageant

of Hope is a 501c3 organization.
+ Princess Partner’s name/company name on our website for a year.
+ Princess Partner’s name on Pageant Program handed out throughout the year & Pageant DVD keepsake.

+ Princess Partner will receive a poster to display of Princess for any sponsorship amount of $100 or more.

+ Princess Partner will receive the gratification of knowing that they have created a once in a lifetime

experience for a girl with special needs & challenges.
+ Princess Partner who solely donates $1000 or more will receive two complimentary Pageant tickets.

This is a short list of Businesses or People you may consider to be your Princess Partner:

- Realtor
- Car Dealership
- Bank
- Grocery Store
- Milkman
- Dance Studio
- Auto Body Shop
- Hair Salon
- Pizzeria/Restaurant
- Neighborhood Watch group

- Sporting Goods Store - Insurance Agent
- Coffee Shop
- Dentist

- Doctor
- Lawn Care Company
- Florist
- Therapist
- Lions Club
- School Club/Organization - Local Business